SSH Servers

Linux Login and Shell Programming Environments

Linux login servers provide a consistent way to allow users remote command line access to standard programming tools used in course work and access to their home directories with SSH and SFTP protocols.

Apple and Linux computers are delivered standard with SSH client software, and Windows platforms can download freeware SSH/SFTP client software like putty, or winscp.

The login servers provide access to many standard programming and database tools such as JAVA, C/C++ (gcc), Python, Ruby, Ada95, Fortran 77, Assembler, Pascal, Modula 2, Perl, HTML, and PLSQL.

Teaching Login Servers - Academic Linux login servers for students working accessing remotely accessing their home directories or working course material within the Department.

Instructors who have specific software requirements for their courses can forward requests to

COSI Login Servers - Administrative and Research Linux SSH servers for grad-students and employees remotely accessing data in their COSI home directory, research/group network shares, in-house development or connecting to internal research compute clusters and cloud resources.

Access to COSI login servers requires a COSI account - see Accounts form more information.