Essential Tips for Taking Online Tests with conneX

Taking tests can be stressful and taking online tests can be especially so, particularly when technical issues arise. The following guidelines will help you avoid the most common technical difficulties while taking online tests in conneX and ensure that your work is submitted successfully.


  • Verify you have a stable network connection before starting a test.
  • Set your phones and mobile devices to Airplane mode to minimize load on the wireless network while test-taking.
  • Shut down all other applications & activities on your computer during a test.
  • Use only a supported desktop web browser on a laptop or desktop computer (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer)
  • if you have customized your web browser with plugins, or changed default handling of cookies or javascript - disable the customizations before taking an online test. Cookies and javascript are depdendencies for submitting tests online. Plugins like “ad blockers” can also interfere with online submissions.

Remember the Golden Rule:

The golden rule: one window, one browser per person
Many of the individual tools in conneX depend on an active session being maintained back to the servers. A user logging into conneX with multiple tabs or browsers open at the same time can break active session handling and the wrong windows could take presidence and submit incorrect answer data back to the current active session.
Use only a single window or browser to connect - this is especially important during submissions for tests, assignments and grading.


  • Don’t use mobile devices to take tests!
  • Don’t open multiple browser tabs or windows to the Tests & Quizzes tool while taking a test! Doing so can cause errors, including lost test answers!
  • Don’t use the browser’s Back or Forward buttons to navigate an online test. Using the browser’s navigation can produce unexpected results, including lost answers!
  • Don’t forget to save your work frequently. If there are multiple questions on the same page in your quiz, make sure that you save your work frequently to ensure your partially completed work is uploaded to conneX.
  • Don’t double-click buttons and links! Double-clicking will actually slow down screen loads and could produce errors.
  • Don’t loiter. Complete your test promply. Don’t do other activities while completing a test. If there is no interaction between you and conneX for a long period, you may be logged out of your test. If your instructor has configured a time limit, the test could be autosubmitted which may be prevent you from completing the test depending on the submission guidelines.
  • Don’t navigate away from a test without saving or submitting your content! A timer on a timed test will NOT pause if you exit the test, so be sure to return to your test as soon as possible if it is timed! Wait for your confirmation number to confirm your submission.