Frequently Asked Questions

Access to the Engineering Computer Science build is currently limited to on-campus research activities, with pre-approved work safe plans.
All undergraduate teaching activities are being carried out remotely with faculty and students using online teaching systems.
All undergraduate teaching resources in the Department are accessible with your UVic Netlink account, however you also need to be enrolled in a Computer Science course to be authorized. Staff, faculty and grad students may need a COSI account to access Research or Administrative resources.
conneX is the Computer Science Departments' learning management portal which is used by most instructors as the primary method of communicating with students enrolled in their courses.
A COSI account is an internal Department account used by faculty, staff and grad students to access Department Research or Administrative resources.
Teaching home directories are mounted on all undergraduate lab PC’s. Files can be copied to home directories remotely by using SFTP software to copy files to your account on linux login servers.
New project sites can be created by any one with a COSI account, but only the official instructor can create a new course site for teaching. Clicking “Worksite setup > New”, will allow you to create a new site. If you do not have a “New” button, then you don’t have a COSI account.