Accounts in Computer Science

Undergraduate Teaching Environment

Computers in the DNS domain, including undergraduate programing labs in ECS are intended for supporting Computer Science undergraduate teaching activities. These facilities are accessible only to students taking courses in the Department logging in with their NetlinkID account. All undergraduate computing labs and online teaching systems use NetlinkID authentication.

In addition to ECS undergraduate lab access and Department application services, students are provisioned with personal disk storage accessible with ECS or remotely through login servers.

COSI Research and Administration Environment

All servers within the DNS domain (including authenticate with Department COSI accounts rather than NetlinkID accounts. Computers within the domain are intended for research or department administration activities, typically they are used by employees or grad students and are not generally available to the undergraduate students. All printing from research labs or ECS offices requires COSI authentication.

Researchers can request to have accounts created for grad and undergrad students on an individual basis.