Netlink Accounts

Students taking Computer Science courses can access undergraduate teaching resources within the Department ( DNS domain) using their UVic Netlink account. A student’s current enrollment status determines whether they can log in to Computer Science undergraduate labs and services.

Students retain their login privileges for as long as the student continues to be enrolled in a Computer Science course. Six months after a student has finished their last registered Computer Science course, their privileges are removed and all data they have on Computer Science systems is archived.

Account Archiving

Students who are abscent from the Department for more than 6 months (not enrolled in any courses) will have their Computer Science resources archived. Returning students, absent for more than 6 months, will be provisioned a new, empty home directory when they return the Department. Students leaving the Department should download their stored data prior to their their account archiving.

Netlink accounts are centrally provisioned by UVic Univeristy Systems. Students, guests, faculty and staff should refer UVic’s documentation on obtaining a Netlink account: