Undergrad Labs

Undergraduate computer programming labs are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the ECS building. There are 10 undergraduate programming labs available in ECS with approximately 275 computers provisioned for Computer Science undergraduate students with Windows or Linux operating systems. Some of these labs are speciality labs reserved for networking, computer graphics and Arduino labs.

  • ECS 242: Flexi lab (Windows/Linux)
  • ECS 249: Reserved lab for arms/arduino
  • ECS 250: Windows lab
  • ECS 258: Windows lab
  • ECS 266: Windows drop-in lab
  • ECS 342: Reserved lab
  • ECS 348: Mixed Windows Linux drop-in lab
  • ECS 354: Reserved lab for computer graphics
  • ECS 360: Reserved lab for networking
  • ECS 366: Reserved lab for mechatronix and robotics

Computer Science Assistance Centre

Located in Room ECS 251 of the ECS building, the CS Assistance Centre is staffed by Teaching Assistants who are able to provide undergraduate students with support in the ECS computing labs. More information can be found on their website:

Electronic Key Passes

After hours access to labs is possible using electronic key passes. Passes are available through the UVic bookstore.