The golden rule: one window, one browser per person
Many of the individual tools in conneX depend on an active session being maintained back to the servers. A user logging into conneX with multiple tabs or browsers open at the same time can break active session handling and the wrong windows could take presidence and submit incorrect answer data back to the current active session.
Use only a single window or browser to connect - this is especially important during submissions for tests, assignments and grading.

What is conneX?

conneX is the Department’s Learning Management Portal and Collaboration System that allows instructors, researchers, and students to interactively create and participate in shared websites for teaching or research purposes.

conneX has been deployed using Sakai Software which is developed by the Sakai Project. The Sakai Project is an open source development project maintained by a collaboration of Universities to develop specialized software for instructors, students and researchers.

Logging into conneX

Login privileges to conneX are available to all Computer Science students, researchers, faculty and staff with either a Netlink or COSI account. Site owners can also assign external guests login privileges to their sites using the external email addresses.

Guests who would like access to an individual site should contact the site’s owner for guest privileges.

Instructor Resources for conneX

Memberships in course sites are automatically populated by course enrollment data on a nightly basis. Students doing late enrollment should wait till the following day before accessing new course data.

Instructors please note that new course site creation for the “next” term will only show up 30 days prior to the first day of classes for the “next” term.

Creation and membership in project sites is manually maintained by site owners. Project sites are not course related, and can be associated with individual research projects, groups, or any other shared interest.

For more information for faculty, staff and grad students on how to create and maintain conneX sites for supporting teaching activities, please see the link below:

Student Guides for conneX