May 10th, 2021: Archive of conneX for Teaching and Course Related Activity
As of May 10th, 2021 the Department has deprecated the use of conneX for teaching related activities. Access to conneX will be restricted to on-campus or VPN access only. Instructors are will still be able to login to retrieve legacy course material for export for use with Brightspace.
conneX will still be available to staff and faculty for use for private project spaces, but connectivity will be limited to use on internal networks.

Instructors looking for current online teaching resources should refer to the Department’s E-Learning resources.

What is conneX?

conneX was the Department’s Learning Management Portal and Collaboration System that was used within the Department between March 2007 and May 2021. It allowed instructors, researchers, and students to interactively create and participate in shared websites for teaching or research purposes.

conneX was deployed using Sakai Software which is developed by the Sakai Project. The Sakai Project is an open source development project maintained by a collaboration of Universities to develop specialized software for instructors, students and researchers.

Logging into conneX

Login privileges to conneX are available to all Computer Science students, researchers, faculty and staff with either a Netlink or COSI account. Site owners can also assign external guests login privileges to their sites using the external email addresses.

Guests who would like access to an individual site should contact the site’s owner for guest privileges.

Project Sites for conneX

Creation and membership in project sites is manually maintained by site owners. Project sites can be associated with individual research projects, groups, or any other shared interest.

For more information on how to create and maintain conneX sites, please see the link below: