Web Publishing

Web Hosting on Department Web Servers

The Department maintains Apache webservers that allow students, faculty and staff to create code and upload it to webservers for creating personal, group, or course related websites.

The Department does not provide GUI Web Content Management Systems (like Wordpress or Drupal) for creating websites.

Individuals or groups wanting to easily create complex blog-style sites (example - https://example.cs.uvic.ca ), with mobile enabled CSS/javascript themes should view our Tutorials Section.

Instructors looking to distribute course material over the web, should use conneX which provides resources for distributing files, assignments, quizzes and announcements to students enrolled in specific courses.

Tutorial: Creating pretty websites on Department Servers

Personal Websites

Every student, faculty, staff member and researcher is provisioned a public WebHome directory on Teaching or COSI WebHome Servers that can be used to host a personal website, or used specifically for course work.

Group Websites

The Department also maintains dedicated server infrastructure for hosting group and event websites. Unlike personal webhome sites, these sites can have unique DNS domain names.

Compliance with UVic Technology Usage Policies

“UVic Policy IM7200” governs the fair use of University Computer and Internet resources. Please ensure that any content that you upload or publish from your webhome directory is in compliance with this policy.

Failure to comply with the policies can result in loss of access to computing services, or academic disciplinary action by the Chair of the Computer Science Department.

UVic Policy IM7200