COSI Gitlab URL:

Git is a software version control system that is commonly used in software development for tracking changes made during the development process to source code by teams of software developers. is the Departments’ internally hosted version control system. In addition to basic git version control functionality, Gitlab provides integrated tools for development teams to allow them to manage sofware development processes with:

  • source code management
  • automated testing
  • issue tracking
  • continuous integration and deployment
  • release management
  • time tracking
  • software documentation (project wiki’s)
  • web based IDE tools
  • Jupyter Notebook viewing

The application is internally hosted, so students and faculty can log into Gitlab without requiring external accounts be created publicly with 3rd party cloud providers. Gitlab group sites can be automatically provisioned from course enrollment data, providing shared projects accessible to instructors and enrolled students.

The Department can pre-provision group sites based on course enrollment data, and course related build deployment pipelines can be provisioned as well - Gitlab for Instructors.