Group Websites with SFTP or Gitlab

Individual groups can request custom web hosting including customized CS or CSC DNS website domain names. Creating a group or event site requires a COSI account. Requests should be made through

Websites are provisioned from the Department servers and mapped to custom group DNS names. Groups can upload HTML/CSS, PHP and CGI bin scripts into the directories.

Updating a Group Website using SFTP

To update website
Using SFTP client software, use the following connection information:

Protocol: SFTP
Directory: / or /
Login: your COSI domain account or service account

Updating a Group Website using Gitlab CI/CD

We have implemented some Gitlab project templates that can be used by groups to deploy websites using Gitlab Continuous Integration.

Group members can use git to clone a project template and then customize it to build a website (either using a HUGO themed website template, or a plain HTML/CSS boilerplate HTML5 template). Group members then use git to commit and push their updates back to their Gitlab repository, which triggers an automatic build and deployment to production web servers.

The Gitlab websites group folder is visible to all Department employees - please contact to request a Gitlab CI/CD project site for your group website. Students can be granted access to the websites folder upon request.

Tutorials Available

Tutorial: Creating pretty personal websites on Department Servers