Software Subscriptions

The Department is internally licensed for Microsoft’s “Azure Dev Tools for Teaching”

Enrolled students, faculty and staff can access Azure Dev Tools through the following URL:

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The Azure Dev Tools site requires students/faculty or staff to create a Microsoft account, using their email address to be able to download software from their site. A confirmation email message will be sent to your email address, confirming your access to the site.

Create your MS Azure account here

Software Subscriptions for Faculty and Staff

Site licenses for a variety of other software (Matlab, Maple, MSOffice, Adobe, and Symantec) is available through UVic, please consult the following page on University site wide software licenses for faculty and staff:

University Software Site Licenses

Internal Department Application Systems

There are a large number of internal web application systems that are used by faculty and adminstrative staff to manage internal business systems of the Department, including TA hiring, evaluations, instructor teaching preferences, course outlines, office management, and reporting.

Most of these systems are only accessible internally or via VPN.

Staff and faculty needing more information on internal administration systems should consult the following link:

Internal Department Applications