Personal Websites with SFTP

Personal websites can be created by uploading HTML/CSS files into the public_html folder of your webhome folder, or by using git and gitlab webhome project templates.

Tutorials are provided on how-to use static site generators to create complex theme based websites.

Personal Webhome Pages

Viewing Files in your Public Webhome Folder

The following URL can be used to view webcontent hosted in your personal web folders.

  • Teaching Webhome Sites:<username>
  • COSI Webhome Sites:<username>

Uploading Content to Public Webhome Folders with SFTP

There are many free GUI SFTP applications available (cyberduck, winscp) that will allow users to easily drag and drop files between hosts. Apple/Linux and UNIX operating systems also provide native command-line programs for SFTP file transfers.

Server Connection Information

Source code files (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.) should be copied using SFTP using the following connection information:

Server: (COSI should use
User: username your teaching or research users name and credentials
Path: /public_html (directly mounts the contents of HTML doc folder)

Tutorials Available

Tutorial: Creating pretty websites on Department Servers
Tutorial: Gitlab Templates and DevOps with Webhome folders