Gitlab for Students

Instructors using Gitlab in their courses will generally request that a Course Project Folder be created for their course. Students submitting course material for evaluation should upload material to the course repository.

In addition to any course specific repositories created, each student is automatically assigned up to 100MB of space for up to 10 personal git repositories. Users assign the access privileges on their repositories when the repository is created. Personal repositories can have the following access rights:

  1. Private repository - the owner has access, and anyone they explicitly assign.

  2. Internal repository - visible to anyone with a Computer Science gitlab account.

  3. Public repository - publically visible on the Internet.

Please remember that public git repositories are visible on the Internet.
A public repository will include at a minimum display of personal information like the user’s name which is visible in commit history.
Gitlab users should also be very careful not to hardcode sensitive information like accounts and passwords in their source code repositories.